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Lebanese Civil War

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After the Black September of 1972 had seen the PLO chucked out of Jordan, the following couple of years saw a major incursion into Lebanon of both them and of the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Tooting. Recruiting heavily throughout the Bekaa valley, they promised a lot more than an AK47: the fertile fields of the family farms were ideal for the discreet growing of in-demand cash crops. The PLO careers advisers were also busy amongst the 'refugees': partition-protesters whose Brother Arab governments kept on the borders in entirely unnecessary misery, just so they could be filmed in glorious squalorama to embarrass the Maccabees and raise cash from the sheiks. Throughout the 1970s, the various Palestinian groups secured their Lebanese bases and practised with their new boys and toys: launching Katyusha rockets, hijacking and murdering school kids, bombing buses and generally keeping busy in northern Israel. By 1981, things had got out of hand entirely.

The seriously pissed-off Israelis decided to 'invade' Lebanon and teamed up with the Christian Maronites under the command of those smiley butchers, the Gemayel Bros. The Maronite motive for this alliance was essentially to grab a chance for a bit of Christian self-actualization; the Israeli motive was essentially to facilitate the self-glorification and power-games of army chief Ariel "just fukcing die already" Sharon. Stopping the PLO from enjoying their newly-acquired cash, weapons and manpower was important but not so time critical as to justify throwing just about every national service conscript over the border under the command of a regular army expected to operate without the benefit of any given strategy.

The afforementioned fat cnut, boosted by convicted terrorist and Prime Minister Begin, directed what went down and what went down was bloody, prolonged, painful and pointless. With the evening news concentrating on the Battle for Beirut, the numerous Bekaa valley ops went largely unnoticed, yet the fall-out from these latter moves upon the region - and the world - was to be immense (Lockerbie, for one).

The PLO and them eventually realized the party had got out of hand when they blew up the USMC barracks in October 1983. Sharon and Begin were finally, if reluctantly, convinced likewise when hundreds of civilians were massacred at the Sabra and Shattila camps. This was pretty much the end as far as the rest of the world was concerned. The power and influence of the PLO wained as Yasser Arafat legged it to Tunisia and leaving a vacuum for brother religiously-inspired extremists to move in. Ariel Sharon entered politics, leaving behind a traumatised and angry IDF. Not many Lebanon vets voted for him.

If the Falklands War was two bald men fighting over a comb then this was two arseholes fighting over the KY.