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Late Entry Officer

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A Late Entry Officer (LE).

Essentially this life time warrior is commissioned in order for the Army to capitalise on his experience and wisdom.

In reality the Army gains an overweight, bitter and twisted individual. Often found using multisyllabic words in the wrong context whilst trying to out smart young officers; who with their three years of pickled university education also have the ability to out drink the phrase-touting grumpy gits.

Beyond this, they essentially fall in to two categories:

  • The angry bloke in the corner of the mess; who believes the university of life is far greater than having three years of Army Scholarship-funded drinking. He should still be a WO2... or less.
  • The more refined pleb who mistakenly maintains that he attended a fine school and could easily have made it as a DE officer but felt he had to 'prove himself in the ranks' to fully understand his role. He should have retired post WO1 and got a middle management job with a supermarket chain.

But either way, they could benefit from: reading this link

Note: Clearly, the above has been written by a DE occifer who believes that LE Officers are completely useless and don't bring anything to the table. The kind of occifer who will voice the above opinion will:

  • Have been passed over for promotion in favour of a LE.
  • Feel that it is the God-given right of a DE occifer to lead and that LEs merely get in the way.
  • Never voice the above opinion in the presence of an LE (if they value their life).

It should be noted that the above attitude isn't seen throughout DE occifers, but is there. It should also be noted that the LE occifers tend to be older, wiser, and tougher (if not slightly blubbery in the waist) than the DE occifers who insult them. They are aware that any DE occifer worth his salt will not feel threatened, as the Army only allows LEs to go as far as Lt Col, whereas a good DE can go all the way to the top.

It could be argued that DEs that are angered by LEs may realise themselves to be generally incompetent and therefore likely to be passed over for promotion beyond Major. The fools.