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If you go down on the bush today, you're in for a big surprise!

Chickenpunks favourite creature.

Whilst being trusted to make his own way to Brunei in the mid eighties our very own CP stopped over in Bangkok and instead of making his way to the area where the mucky ladies of the night hang out.. He opted for the part of town where the chicks pack meat. Lin Po was his / her / its name...... little novelty norks and a hampton like a pringle tin.

Their eyes met across a crowded bar and before they knew it they were chewing each others pods.

They now live together in their Kensington ladyboy hostel where travelling trannies from all over the globe stop in for tea and scrote shave.

A real Ladyboy speaks ... or it might be a Wah!

I think here page about ladyboy but you talk bad about ladyboy. Where ladyboy hostel in Kensington is, want go now coming London, typing for ladyboy hostel and finding here page in alltheweb search engine. Me ladyboy 25, website me