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L98A1 Cadet GP rifle

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The L98A1 rifle is a good example of a British Military Procurement Mystery. Sort of a kiddies-SA80A1, only with the gas parts taken out to make it more shit, a big, fragile, spindly thing stuck to the outside to provide something else to break and then fall off and the ability to fit a blank-firing adaptor removed.

The L98A1 Cadet GP rifle can usually be found in cadets' pockets, down the backs of minibus seats and in the digestive system of sheep around Training areas. An L98 can usually withstand about a day and a half of firing before something breaks and ends up stuck in the treads of a farmer's wellies. When used under extreme conditions, such as drizzle, long grass, mild heat, fog, snow or days with a 'Y' in them the L98A1 can fall apart so rapidly it disintegrates into a powder that Pete Doherty himself would be happy to get up his hooter - a good example if anyone ever asks you what Squaddy Proof doesn't mean.

Cadets aren't allowed to strip the bolt of this weapon because the pieces will never be seen again as they get mixed into fruit dumplings and custard. A fun pastime on a shooting weekend, therefore, is to remove the firing pin from a weapon. Don't ask why. Cadets just get bored.

Now being replaced by the significantly better A2 version, which in common with the L85A2 actually works most of the time, and no longer has the comedy cocking handle crudely bailer-twined to the outside.