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Krav Maga

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Israeli Japslapping. Please do not confuse Krav Maga with martial arts of the conventional or oriental variety. There is no philosophy involved here except for one - give your opponent an unbelievably brutal shoeing as quickly as possible to prevent the bugger from brutally shoeing you first.

A pretty good philosophy if survival is your aim. The theory is that if it works, use it. High kicks, complicated manouvers and impractical techniques are stripped out and operates on a bare minimum needed to get the job done.

This formidable system is used primarily by the IDFs version of THEM, Sayeret Matkal, and all the other sneaky-beaky units running around creating havoc with the Jundies. It is essentially a military "tool" to be used when things that go bang cannot be deployed for any reason.

Krav Maga is taught to all branches of the Israeli armed forces as part of basic training, with the more advanced stuff reserved for the aforementioned uberwarriors. The whole system is based on getting personnel up to speed in a very short time without having to spend years becoming a 10th Dan, magenta and puce belt in the "Way of the Posturing Hamster".

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