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Knocker is the nickname of the AEC Ten Tonne Militant. It came in two varieties Mk1 which looked really ancient (like a Matador) and the MK3 which looked ancient (A little more chrome). Its role was as a heavy load carrier and was widely used in the RCT, RAOC and the RE. Some where equipped with CALM (Crane Atlas Lorry Mounted). The Militant was designed in the late forties and entered service in the early fifties. It soldiered on in the Transport Regiments of the RASC,RCT and RLC until the early nineties. The last Knockers left service in 2001 having been used as teaching vehicles in 166 Sup Regt RLC(V) The Knocker had a top speed (optimistic) of 39 Mph in both forward and reverse up and down hill this also made it difficult to use on the Autobahns of Germany due to speed restrictions. It had no power steering and often required two drivers to turn the steering wheel and as a result RCT drivers were built like Brick shit houses.

The Knocker has been replaced in general service by DROPS.