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Only one careful owner and the MOD.

A fast jet (once) flown by the RAF for ground attack and photo recce missions. Considering it was partly-designed by garlic-eating Johnny Frog it was quite a nifty bit of kit and capable of Mach 1.6 or 1056mph. If one was inclined, you could just about land the thing on a dirt farm track. Of course it had to go.

The Jaguar - by modern standards - was getting rather long in the tooth having entered service in 1973, whereupon it replaced the Canberra and Phantom in the ground attack and photo recce roles - the majority of the fleet being based at Brüggen in Germany.

The Germany-based Jaguars were replaced in service by the Tornado in the mid-1980s but the type soldiered on seeing service in the Gulf War and the Balkans. Now based solely at Coltishall in Norfolk, the type was found to be guilty of working correctly and reliably and was thus retired as per MOD SOPs in 2007 and Coltishall - a fine station with Battle of Britain pedigree - was shut - decimating the local economy in the process.

Mocked by some as Just Another Grossly Underpowered Airforce Reject, the 'Jag' was popular amongst crews and pan trash alike and is still in service (just) in Oman, India, Equador and Nigeria, though it is understood the latter operator has either ebayed its few servicable examples or 'sold' them to unsuspecting scam victims.


  • Petrol engine originally fitted in the CVR(T) family of armoured combat vehicles giving them a top speed of 'WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!'.
  • Large cat sometimes (briefly) seen hanging around Bodmin moor.