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International Bodyguard Association

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According to the IBA's various websites, the IBA was founded - as a 'think-tank' and centre of excellence for bodyguards - in 1957 by Lucien Victor Ott, a former French soldier, who had served in Indo-China and Algeria, learned Jiu-Jitsu, and was supposedly at the time a leading member of President Charles de Gaulle's security detail. Ott apparently began working as a private bodyguard in the early '70s after Georges Pompidou succeeded de Gaulle. Ott established a bodyguard training academy in Brussels in the 1970s.

Ott died of cancer in 1990 and was succeeded as Director General of the IBA by James Shortt who has run the business ever since. The IBA has a number of regional operations around the globe and runs various courses relating to Close Quarter Battle, Unarmed Combat and other esoteric skills.