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Information Systems Engineer

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Information Systems Engineers are working within a unique, highly competitive communications environment at the forefront of military technology. You will become an expert in the management of Information Systems and all associated hardware and software both in barracks and out on operations. This will include systems network control and configuration, fault diagnosis and basic programming. Your skills will be in great demand - maintaining and working with static and mobile Information Systems networks, internet based facilities, providing help desk functions and being responsible for computer access and security procedures.

This trade is now widely regarded as the new "God's trade". Due for a significant increase in size, coupled with a mid-to-long term amalgamation with the Systems Engineer Technician to form the (proposed) Information and Communications Systems Engineer. Hurrah!

They are known as Lizards!

This trade is easily recognised by the large cone shaped head and the ability to produce 2 headed children. Also easily likened to the infamous wanking monkeys of gibraltar