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Infoboxes are a method of placing quick reference information or links on a wiki page. They can be implemented either as:

  • A subset of the Template functionality
  • Entirely seperately.

To date only the former has been done.


Infobox templates are generally named with the convention "Template:Infobox Name". They should also be included in the Category:Infobox templates so we know where to find them. Creating one is as simple as adding the following sample code:

 {| class="infobox" 
 ! InfoTitle
 | {{{InfoDetail}}}

Clearly the variables 'nameofbox' and 'InfoDetail' can be whatever you want. It is also possible to have lots more lines in the table, e.g 'InfoTitle2' and 'InfoDetail2', etc.


To place an infobox into a page then simply(!) add the following to your page:

 {{Infobox Name |nameofbox=Whatever you want


Whatever you want
InfoTitle whatever

The result should look something like this (incidentally this particular one is an infobox that isn't a template)----->


Obviously this is just scratching the surface and there is plenty more than can be done. Should hopefully get a few people going though.

See the Templates or User templates pages for more ideas!


Template:Infobox Army Air Corps

Unit Name
Aircraft Types Helicopter Type 1
Helicopter Type 1