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Improved Northern Ireland Body Amour. Introduced in the 1980s for use in Northern Ireland this Body Armour was worn under the combat jacket so as not look too obtrusive to the local population. As if a bunch of blokes walking down the street, dressed in combats and carrying rifles isn't obtrusive in itself.

Traditionally, INIBA jackets were never laundered meaning that, even if it didn't stop a bullet, the accumulated DNA content allowed the bullethole to heal over, making them the world's first self-repairing body-armour.

INIBA vests had an additional benefit, in that they made even the weediest looking soldier look like Garth, whilst the more muscular squaddie appeared slightly more intimidating than King Kong in a bad mood.

Replaced the MK1 Frag Vest or NI Flak Jacket.

Similar to the currently issued CBA.