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How do I Improve my PFT Scores?

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This page details how to improve your Run times, Bleep test levels, Press Up scores, Sit Up Scores, Combat Fitness Test endurance and general fitness levels.

Running times

Bleep Test Scores

Press Up Scores

I have heard that if you just bang out reps quicker in the first part of the set then you will have more energy left over for the rest of the set.

E.G. Max pressups in 2 mins;

First 30 pressups AIM for 1 rep every 1 sec, you may not be able to hold this rate for the full 30 reps but at about 70-80% effort (This will use up 30 secs)

Then go for your normal rate for 60 secs (should take you to 1 min 30 secs).

Then full out for the last 30 secs.

The downside to this is that if you go over the top for the first bit then you may run out of steam for the rest of the set.

Disclamer! If you are reading this the night before your PFT then don't try this technique. Follow this in about 10 practise sessions and find what works for you, If you think you can go for 70-80% for longer than 30 reps then do it, if you can't do it for 30+ reps and then carry on to do more pressups for 2 mins, don't try this

Sit Up Scores

Combat Fitness Test Indurance

General Fitness

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