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Honourable Artillery Company

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The HAC was formed in 1537 by Henry VIII, for use of 'muskets and long bows'.

At the time, the "Artillery" part of their name refered to the Long Bow, but when gunpowder became used in military actions they became proficient with musketry and early cannon. They were the home of professional gunnery until the formation of the first regular professional regiment, the Artillery Regt, which then moved finally to Woolwich.

Traditionaly they have recruited from all classes in the City of London, and this came to a head in the Civil War, where the Regt voted to split, and fight on the side of thier choosing. A small home force was kept back to guard the location of Armoury House.

The HAC own their own drill hall (Armoury House), a 17th century stately home, and the castle building attached, Finsbury Barracks. There are two parts to the HAC, there is civilian side called 'The Company', a registerd charity 'for the setting out of soldiers', which holds the titles to the land and buildings and half of the Brecon Beacons and then there is the military side called the HAC or the Regt.

The Regt is made up of Squadrons, 1,2,and 3 Squadron are classed as the 'sabre' squadrons, who's role is a very demanding and rare one. So rare that it is the ONLY reservist/part time unit in NATO to have such a role. Signals Squadron is made up of signalers who's role is to ensure that the skywave coms that the patrols use will be recieved and forwarded to the relivant people. L.O. Troop, is what used to be the Gun Troop, but are now re-rolling and training for the new task of providing Liason Teams to accompany LO's around theaters. HQ Sqn provides the logistical back up and train for the Regt to survive and fight in any location or theater.

The Role. STA is a long range recconacence job, resulting in long periods of time being spent in OP's, covert, or mixing it up with other troops in an overt op. It is a very physicaly demanding job, with patrols carrying all of thier food and water plus operational specific kit for up to three weeks on thier backs.

Recruiting nights are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

Everyone joins as a Private Soldier, regardless of previous military service. Once you have completed an inhouse 6 month recruits course you would then be sent on to trade training either as a signaller or as a patrol soldier for another six months. Then you would join a squadron.

Part of the six month patrol training is The Brecon March. 45kms in 13 hours with 55lb in your bergan over the Brecon Beacons.

Their motto is ARMA PACIS FULCRA.(Arms are the Balence of Peace.)

For any further information on joining please contact

The Recruiting Officer Finsbury Barracks City Road London EC1Y 2BQ.