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  • FLAT.
  • Full of clog dancing dope smokers.
  • Easiest place in the world to steal a bike - other than Cambridge... or Oxford.
  • Easiest place in the world (apart from Venice) to accidently fall in to a canal.
  • Whole streets in the capital Amsterdam seem dedicated to selling young women... or at least renting them on a short term basis.
  • Most sought after job in Amsterdam is a window cleaner (not window licker).
  • Amsterdam is full of Brits who came for a weekend and never made it home.
  • Last country to succesfully invade Britain and take over the throne. This was in 1688 during the Glorious Revolution and our Stadhouder William of Orange invaded with a fleet so big that it saluted both Dover and Calais at the same time. He landed in Torbay and marched on London.
  • The South-Eastern part of the country (Northern Limburg and Eastern Brabant) is eerily close to to old RAFG Clutch airfields and some old BAOR barracks. This caused generations of innocent Dutch women to be preyed upon by drunk and disorderly squaddies. We retaliated by offering Thai ladyboys in Amsterdam and watching in delight as terrified Brits headed headlong out of small rooms chased by hysterical Katoi. I personally saw several incidents in which some wideboy RLC loggie swaggered into a 'Peeskamer' and a few minutes later was doing Mach 1 and accelerated towards the Nieuwmarkt chased by pantless ladyboy who wanted to get payed (Limey had evidently grabbed his guilders back off the nightstand...). This was met by hysterical laughter from us (safely across the canal) and his mates who were smoking outside while waiting for their buddy to get some pressure off.