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Herr Doktor

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ARRSE's very own Green-lidded Chancre Mechanic, if you have a rash on your tadger or your piles are itching something fierce, he's the man to talk to. Good man to get Rohypnol from for those problem dates with the opposite sex.

Likes saying MLARRRRRRRRR a lot. Is a gangling, blundering, clumsy fool, with a head that is both square and far too big for his body. His head is highly radar-reflective due to the mass of flat sides.

In the real world, is frequently confused with Mutt and BigJobs, even though he is nowhere near as attractive, though vastly more intelligent - allegedly. AKA known in chat as Mengele due to his pioneering work in trying to breed Blonde furred, blue-eyed Aryan mice who will raise their front right paws whenever Hitler or Bliar go past their cage.

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