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HMS Raleigh

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HMS Raleigh is the home base for the Royal Navy's basic training in Torpoint (A ferry ride from Devonport).

HMS Raleigh consists of [basic training]], S&S school, Seamanship school, Firefighting school, HAVOC and the RF/DF training school (Weapons training est.). Also, Raleigh is the home of the RM Band at Plymouth.

Upon joining the Andrew, all new recruits spend their 1st week on the new entries blocked, they are settled in briskly before being split into their divisions.

Once their 1st week is over week, they are put through their next 7 weeks of basic training, learning the trades that they will use for the rest of their career's (apparently).

Upon passing out/passing in (tomato’s / tamato’s), ratings who are placed within the warfare branch will spend a further 2 weeks at Raleigh, within the Seamanship school, learning how to tie knots (sorry buffer, meant bends & hitches) and your basic seamanship skills that will help you at 3am in the pitch black in the middle of the sea!

Wheeler's is the place to be on a Wednesday night!