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HMS Nelson

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HMS Nelson is situated in Portsmouth (Hampshire), using Portsmouth Harbour.

You will also find that this is where the pen pushers come up with the outstanding articles for the Navy News (I know, over selling it!).

The RM Band also conduct their phase 1 training here.

HMS Victory can be found at rest within the dockyard, part of HMS Nelson is also the maritime museum. You will find it hosts the following historical features;

What is left of the raised wreck of the Tudor carrack Mary Rose HMS Warrior HMS M33, a WWI monitor The Royal Naval Museum Action Stations - featuring InterAction Portsmouth Harbour Tours The Trafalgar Sail - foretop sail of HMS Victory from the Battle of Trafalgar 1805

Across the port is Gosport, home and centre to the naval munitions at Priddy's Hard and of Royal Navy submarines (HMS Dolphin shore-establishment, and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum).

Gosport can also be found housing HMS Haslar, the RN Hospital.