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HMS Drake

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HMS Drake forms part of Her Majesty's Naval Base (Devonport).It houses a number of units, including the HQ of the Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) Organisation.

You will find HMS Drake dockyard is home to the Type 22 Frigates, some Type 23 Frigates, HMS Albion, HMS Ocean, S Boats, T boats and The Hydrographic survey squadron.

There are only several pubs within walking distance and it's about four miles from the centre of Guz - which can be a bit of a bugger if you come out of the pub to find it's snowed 7 inches since you left DRAKE and no taxis are running :-)

Accommodation blocks currently being updated under Project SLAM. Scran's not bad and the Junior Ranks club The Drum has a bop most weeks. But only when its not been completely demolished.