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High Mobility Multi Purpose Wheeled Vehicle, originally built by AM General.

AKA Hummer, Humm-Vee, Arnoldmobile.

Large 1 1/4 ton truck and utility vehicle of the US Military, widely exported to client countries. Entered service in the 1980s to replace the M151 Ford MUTT.

Versions are designated in the M series, starting with M998 which is the cargo version, either two-seat or four seat. Other versions are the shellbacks (M1025 version) or the Heavy Hummers (M1114 series) which are proof against 155mm fragmentation.

Although the vehicle is immensely sized, it's extremely cramped inside. That's because the transmission is positioned high in the middle of the vehicle. This allows it a whopping level of ground clearance, unparalleled by any other comparable vehicle.

In the early '90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, now Governor of California (The Governator) asked AM General if he could have a civilian version of the hard-top HMMWV which was used for the experimental mounting of a remote 25mm chaingun.

AM General said 'yes', and the civilian status symbol which is the bane of other road users in countries with narrow roads.