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Slang for a GPMG, Sometimes spelt 'Jimpy'.

General Purpose Machine Gun

The General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) can be used either as a light weapon, mounted on a bipod, or it can be used in a sustained fire role, mounted on a tripod and fitted with the C2 optical sight. In this role it is operated by a two-man team, grouped in a specialist machine gun platoon to provide battalion-level fire support. Versions of the GPMG are mounted on most army vehicles and some helicopters.

The 'Jimpy' is as kushty as fcuk, and makes anyone unfortunate enough to be saddled with it look well ally. Extremely warry!

It is a little known fact that SF crews are selected after careful consideration of their medical records, and in particular X-Rays of their nappas, which must be thick enough to withstand tripod 'grazing' whilst getting amongst a bit of man-portability.

The main GPMGs in the British Forces is the L7/L8 series. See L7A1

The Jimpy List

Not used by us but other GPMGs or include:

  • NTK-62 machine gun (Japan)
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