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Guns and Roses

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A bunch of limp-wristed Spams.

They are NOW but back in 92 they WERE the best fucking rock band on the planet!

In spite of adopting the guise of a bona fide Heavy Metal band, their main output tended to be turgid, dreary ballads

thats just November Rain which would drive anyone to drink! which explains my Stella_Artois problem.

The band's musicians who possessed any talent have since left to pursue their own somewhat better projects, leaving the tantrum-prone singer to milk their back catalogue (no argument here about Axl!) alongside some chap who wore a KFC bucket as a hat and a revolving door of session musicians which says about all you really need to know about them.

After a feck long number of years (13), Axl Rose finally has managed to release the new G'n'R album. The album, Chinese Democracy, has cost $10 Million and has a back story worth of a MTV special or 5!

If you like Bryan Adams you'll probably love1 them, but if you're after more Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, look elsewhere.


1. Well, probably hate them less than most, anyway.

Then again, if you like Bryan Adams your opinions on music carry less weight than those of the Fast Food Rockers Fan Club and you should report for compulsory re-education immediately.