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A dark Irish Stout. It comes in several varieties, all subtly different:

  • Draught Guinness - the purist's version.
  • Draught Guinness Extra Cold (so cold you can hardly taste it) - a kids' 'learner' version.
  • Bottled Guinness - used to be a 'live' beer from which you could harvest the yeast for homebrewing, now sadly pasteurized and uninteresting.
  • Canned Guinness - big bubbles give it a coarser texture.
  • Canned Draught Guinness - a weird hybrid which makes frightening noises when you open the can.
  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout - a slightly sweeter drink brewed for export (mainly to the Caribbean) which delivers a powerful 7.5% ABV to the unsuspecting drinker.

Known side-effects:Production of a rather pleasant feeling of well-being and a horrendous case of the Black Poos that could double up as ball round in a case of emergency the following day.

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