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Daily Pinko Liberal Tree Hugging News

Guardian, The

A left-leaning national daily newspaper whose senior management have convoluted but close-enough connections to the leadership of Sinn Fein and the PIRA.

Not traditionally considered to be the first place you'd look for sympathy for HM Forces, it is the hand-wringing house organ of New Labour, social workers, tree-huggers and terrorist apologists in the UK.

Famous for its endearingly low-quality proof reading. (it's known as the Grauniad)

Surprisingly able to stretch itself a bit wider than most nationals would risk, it took to an early and repetitive ripping of the arrse out of Dear Leader. Astute commentators thus correctly took this to mean that Tone's days were falling...then numbered ...then over. Who would have seem that one coming? Conducted similarly high-toned but viciously-aimed interventions at Gordon Brown ultimately declaring for the Liberal Democrats in what was seen by Labour as an "Et Tu Brutus" moment given the working class electorate was in the process of abandoned them as well.

Currently in the confused position of supporting the Lib Dems but attacking their coalition partners in government, the Torys. At some point as they try to justify their stance, will disappear up their own arrse.

Is also billet to the talented and delicious Mintymcginty