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Stores (not for storing).
Stores (not for storing).
see [[sigsNCO]]
see [[sigs NCO]]

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Army Air Corps personel who were told that they would be a pilot within three years of joining up by the Army Recruiting Office.

Career path;

MT driver (Bowser operator). Signals (Comms wizards!!). Stores (not for storing).

see sigs NCO

Exceptional groundcrewman either;

A. Join 10 Regt AAC (civvy street).

B. Become pilots.

C. Act as a reality check to gobby pilots, and crow like direct entry officer pilots, are the font of all knowledge aviation wise, and are generally good eggs, the most adaptable have no dramas running from the six radio's in the CP to the bowser, refuelling the mighty lynx (twinturbo shaft love machine) tiger tokening the pilots, stealing the gunners pies and ripping him to death, then acting as a ground handling party avoiding spilling stupid AGC chicks brains all over the HLS, then sprinting back to the CP for brews and banjos

The remainder become potato carriers and spend their remaining 22 years hating aircrew telling everyone they didnt want to be aircrew anyway.

LE (Late Entry) AAC officers usually come from the RLC, AGC or any other Corps that has no idea whatsoever about Army Aviation.