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Grenadier Guards

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What a fine Regiment! Highly trained professional fighting warriors!


1656: The Regiment, as the Royal Regiment of Guards, was formed in 1656 by King Charles II who was then in exile in Bruges, Flanders. It was known as the First Guards later becoming the First Regiment of Foot Guards and now bears the title "The First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards" in honour of the defeat of Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. It is the only regiment in the British Army that has directly gained its title from the part it played in action.

1659: The first 3-year man got out.

In modern time, life revolves around drill, drill and drill, with having ones name taken, extras, and spending countless boring hours outside Buck Hut, waiting for someone to come home. Most guardsmen feel like they live in a zoo. Officers think Soduko is a car, soldiers think it is a way of putting the IQ of their officers in a line (1-9)


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