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Grantham is a small market town located in central Lincolnshire. Grantham holds the accolade of 'Most Boring Town of 1982' and ranks 15th of Britain's 'Clone Towns'. Maggie Thatcher was also born and raised in Grantham. It is also estimated that Grantham is the biggest consumer of Elizabeth Duke jewellery in Britain.

Grantham is home to Prince William of Gloucester Barracks (PWOG), the home of the Specialist Regiments of the RLC. 5 Trg Regt RLC are co-located with HQ RLC TA and the nine TA Specialist Regiments. Grantham is also home to the Sticky Carpet.

Lantern Swinger's Corner

I was a member of one of the specialist units and had spent many a weekend in Grantham. And I have been known to frequent the original Sticky Carpet and also the new Sticky Carpet - both equally disgusting and dirty places. It amazes me still to this day that Grantham has so many ugly, smelly, dirty, poor, old and fat women congregating in one place.

In the end I never ventured out because of the totally depressive nature of the town. I used to think that the town hall used to fly them in specially for the weekends. If this is true, shame on you all! I must also learn to use the shift key when typing "i". - You really must it is a tad tedious doing it for you! JuniorBod 23:34, 27 March 2008 (UTC)


Grantham (Leslie) did the British Army no favours in improving squaddie/boxhead cab driver relations. Directly responsible for increasing fares and the natural hostile attitude to young toms serving in BAOR.