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A [[Army_v_Navy_Crawl_2006]]  survivor
A [[Army_v_Navy_Crawl_2006]]  survivor
   [[East Midlands Crawl 2006]] survivor
   [[East Midlands Crawl]] survivor

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40px-Face-angel.png This user is an angel.

Gillylady, THE English Rose of the South

A Southern belle and babe of the first magnitude :-)

Partner in crime of IrishDoris

See Schwiiinnnnggg!!!!! and you would! (if she had much lower standards in men)

Always up for a good time jolly with the ladies and came be found on occasion in Arrse chat

However, a lady not to be taken light hearted, she has the looks that could steal your heart in seconds (in a good way!).

When she is not at home she will be on the eternal quest for a mobile phone signal!!!!

A Army_v_Navy_Crawl_2006 survivor

 East Midlands Crawl survivor