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Silver and circular in shape. The obverse of the medal shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse bears the image of an oak wreath surrounding the words ‘For Campaign Service’.


13 different Clasps have been awarded with the GSM 1962. Award of Clasps to the GSM are not denoted by the wearing of an emblem when the ribbon alone is worn.


A wide central purple stripe flanked by narrow green stripes.

Qualifying criteria

Awarded for 30 days accumulated service in Northern Ireland from 14 August 1969 to a date to be decided.

Full details are laid out in DCI JS 22/92.

About the GSM 1962

Until 1962, separate General Service Medals had been issued to Naval personnel (the Naval GSM 1915) and Army and RAF personnel (the GSM 1918). The GSM 1962 was instituted in 1962 to replace these medals and was awarded to personnel of all services for campaigns and operations that fell short of full-scale war.

Since its inception, it has been awarded for 13 such campaigns: 'Borneo', 'Radfan', 'South Arabia', 'Malay Peninsula', 'South Vietnam', 'Northern Ireland', 'Dhofar', 'Lebanon', 'Mine Clearance Gulf of Suez', 'Gulf', 'Kuwait', 'N. Iraq & S. Turkey' and 'Air Operations Iraq'.

Award of any new Clasps to the GSM was discontinued on 31 December 1999 on the introduction of the new Operational Service Medal (OSM) on 1 January 2000. However, while Northern Ireland continues to be a qualifying area for the GSM, the GSM with Clasp will continue to be awarded provided the requisite service has been completed. The award of the Clasp ‘Air Operations Iraq’, which had been issued since 1991, ended on 30 April 2003.