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Gaza Strip

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One good carpet bombing and problem solved

The Gaza Strip is a piece of coast line in the Levant between Israel and Egypt.

It includes the cities of Gaza, Dayr al Balah, Khan Yunis and Rafah. Total area covered is 25 miles long and between 4–7½ miles wide totalling an area of 139 square miles.

Currently stuffed to the gills with 1.5m Palestinians and under the control of Hamas, it is one of the most dysfunctional places on the planet - with the exception of 10 Downing Street of course... and possibly Ashford.

In accordance with the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian Authority took over the administrative authority of the Gaza Strip in 1994. Israel withdrew all military forces and settlers by 12 September 2005 and left the Palestinian Authority to administer the whole of the Gaza Strip. It wasn't long before they had fucked the whole place up.

The 2007 'elections' between Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) and Fatah (Palestine Liberation Movement) ended in a defeat for Fatah. Cue civil war bloodletting between the two sides.

The Gazza Strip

Since then the winner (Hamas) have used the Gaza Strip to launch random unaimed missile attacks at the Jewish civilian population over the border. They then whine non-stop when Israel retaliates and kills a couple of hundred Hamas members and some Palestinian civilians that Hamas use as human shields.

If you really need to see just how fucked up this is, you can read about it here or how sick Hamas is here but frankly the place needs bombing back to the stone age and then tarmac-ing over.