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Gary Glitter

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Despite many setbacks Paul Gadd, better known as Gary Glitter, has over many decades established himself as one of the most accomplished practitioners of his art. But did you know that he also had a career in music?

An Artist is Born

Born in humble circumstances blah, blah, record contract blah, glam rock (sparkly) blah, bankruptcy blah, blah, comeback blah blahdy blah.

His fame was such that at the peak of his career his name even overtook council gritter as the official rhyming slang for a shit pipe. Finally, he had the respect he truly deserved.

A Nonce Won’t Die

They say the best songwriters write about the things that mean the most to them and Gary is no exception. His seminal (in all senses of the word) hit Do You Wanna Touch Me was one of a long string of chart singles that also included the frankly sinister What Your Mama Don’t See and a rare touch of humility with Oh What a Fool I’ve Been. By this point alarm bells were ringing and it would be a mere 20 years before the law would catch up with him.

His downfall started when he dropped his computer off at PC World for repair and everyone had a good old ogle at it. Investigations by a crack team of nosy people found it to be stuffed to the gunnels with underage Frankie. Quick to capitalise on the resulting publicity Gary was then arrested for (but later acquitted of) having sex with an underage girl. Further fame followed with his successful Banned, on the Run world tour, taking in Cambodia (expelled), Vietnam (convicted and jailed), Hong Kong (booted out), Thailand (not welcome at all, really) and finally back to the UK where he was welcomed with neither open arms or, sadly, “open fire!”.

Gary remains in the UK, whether he wants to or not, and in 2008 was awarded lifelong membership of the Sex Offenders Register for his disservices to children.

Remember Me This Way. We will, Gaz, don't you worry.