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Fuller's London Pride

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Non-Muslim heaven in a small bottle

One of the finest Beers known to man.

It comes in at a sturdy 4.7% abv on draught and can be found in many pubs throughout Britain and North America, although it is commonest around London and the south-east.

Packed with exciting, complex flavours, it makes the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent standing in a crowded, (illegally) smokey room, shouting at people whilst your wallet becomes strangely lighter.

An official beer tasters verdict:

This ale pours with a glorious barley-sugar colour and thick cream-coloured head. The nose is fairly muted at first, with soft summer fruit notes emerging and a nice herbal, nettly hop character. On the palate this has a nice mouth-filling texture and a great tension between sweet-edged fruit and malt and quite crisp and punchy hops. The finish is dry with plenty of spice and a hint of chocolate, in an eminently drinkable beer.

In other words ... drinks loads, fall over!

Fullers also brew a strengthy companion "Extra Special Bitter." Ask the friendly barbod to make this your personal take from the tabglass and end your night gurgling face-down on Planet Z.