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Foreign Legion Slang

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"Arrete ta connery"

Some of the more commonly used phrases used in the French Foreign Legion almost every day.

Tu (te) demerde - Get yourself out of the shit.

Demerdez- vous - Get yourselves out of the shit.

Casse(-moi) pas les couilles - Don't break my balls.

J'en ai vraiment plein les couilles - I've really had a balls full of this.

Tu te fous de ma gueule ou quoi ? - Are you taking the piss or what ?

Tu rigoles ou quoi ? - You must be joking.

Arrete ta connery - Stop fucking about.

C'est meme pas la peine - It doesn't even bear thinking about.

C'est pas la peine - There's no use.

C'est pas vrai ? - It can't be true/ No I don't believe it.

C'est pas possible - It's not possible.

Ferme ta geuele - Shut your face.

J'ai pas compris - I don't understand.

Qu'est- ce que pa veut dire ? - What does that mean?

Comment on dit ...? - How do you say ... ?

Oh Putain ! - Oh Whore ! (Used as: Oh Shit).

Putain de Merde ! - Whore of shit ! (Used as: Fucking Hell)

Merde ! - Shit !

"J'en ai vraiment plein les couilles"

A few helpful words:

Abdominaux - Sit ups

Anciens (Les) - The guys that have been in a long time

epee - Role call

Bagarre - To scrap/fight

Batiment - Building

Binome - Buddy/Partner/Oppo

Brouillage - Webbing

Camion - Lorry

Caporal - Corporal

Caporal Fut fut - Corporal on the accelerated promotion.

Casse-croute - Snack-break

Centurion - Belt

Centurion Bleu - Wide blue sash worn under belt.

Chants - Songs

Chaussettes - Socks

Chef de Corps - Officer in charge of the Quartier

Chemise - Shirt

Clairon - Bugler

Corvet - Cleaning Duties

Consignes - Extra duties and consignment to the Quartier

Date de Naissance - Date of birth

Dehors - (Get) Outside!

Demi(une) or Une Pression - Lager (in half pints)

Engage Volontaire (E. V.)- Recruit

En couloir - (Get) into the corridor

En position - (Get) into the position (For press ups)

En Bas - Go down

Epaulettes de Tradition - Red epaulettes worn for guard or parade

Foyer - Small bar with shop attached

Fusil - Rifle

Haut - Go up

Hommes du rang - Lower ranks

Infirmiers - Medics

Incidents de tir - Weapon stoppages

Jeunes (Les) - The most inexperienced to have joined.

Legia Patria Nostra - The Legion is Our Home.

Matricule - Service number

Magazin - Armoury

Pantalon - Trousers

Paquetage - All your kit

Pays - Country

Permission - Leave/Holiday/Vacation

Petit footing (Le) - Running (As a sport)

Piste de Combat - Assault course

Place D 'Arme - Parade square.

Presente (Le) - The Presentation.

Medecin - Doctor

guartier - Camp

guartier Libre - Time off

Rassemblernent - Assembly

Rangers - Boots

Refectoire - Eating hall (for Legionnaires).

Slips - Pants

Sous officiers - NCO's

Sous-vetement - Track suit

Sergent - Sergeant

Stages - Courses

Stick - Stinging slap on the back of the neck

Tenue - Uniform

Toile - Jail

Veste de Combat -Combat jacket