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Flick is a term of endearment to mean you are in hock to usually, your Squadron Quartermaster through such means as a Choccy Tree.

It is normally recorded in a folder or notebook, where your rank, name and amount will be logged. This sum may be as small as £1, when you indulged yourself in a Twix and can of Fanta, but this tiny sum will see you pursued to the ends of the Earth by your highers for its due payment.

Failure to meet the deadline imposed for payment (normally the same day you all get back from the exercise, and thus the one moment in time when you truly are too busy to think about it) will see you spammed for every weekend Guard for the next month, and given the worst jobs in the squadron available. Nowadays it also leads to AGAI 67s due to their binding nature.

The biggest known flick sum to date owed by one person over one month, was $234 during exercises in Belize.

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