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First Against The Wall

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Historical View

As Shakespeare so aptly put it in his play Henry VI... 'The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. Unfortunately this can only be at best a temporary solution. The revolution arrives and the great unwashed have organised themselves to carry out a cull of the waffling classes; solicitors, politicians, insurance salesmen etc but only the dumb ones get a bullet.

The smart ones waffle their way out of it as usual and before long you're back to square one with clones of Yo Blair! ( a failed lawyer by the way...) and his ilk still running the show.

Lawyers were a great target of scorn and derision for Jesus Christ though in those days they were called Pharisees. He knew them for the lilly-livered, palsied, lying liars that they were and regularly gave them a good verbal shoeing.

Pharisees live on today in all walks of life especially in Government, Judiciary and the Media. Before long there'll be another cull but remember, only the slowest and dimmest will get the chop.

A More Personal View

Given ARRSErs tend to have fairly strong(!) views on many outrage inducing things ... please add your own personal Piers Morgan's below:

  • People who go all the way round roundabouts in the left hand lane.
  • Users of the rising inflection?
  • Anyone who uses the word 'workshop' and doesn't mean a room full of tools