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Get back in the fucking kitchen, bitch.

Feminism has different meanings for different people. Some believe that feminism is a fight for equality, and that men and women should be treated equally, without regard to him or his gender. Of course, that is total horse shit! How could you ever give as much value to a woman, cursed with having to raise and bear children and missing work by using the excuse of "maternity leave" as to that of a man, who is well-rounded and an able provider for the family? You see my point.

Feminists come in many extremes. At one end of the spectrum are the "grrl power" types, who've watched too many "Sex and the City" reruns and think feminism means fucking a lot and getting men to buy them jewelry; at the other end are the Valerie Solanas fans, who dream of someday shooting a talentless gay patriarch in a bad wig. The former is easier to deal with, but harder on your credit rating in the end.

What feminists do

A typical feminist - note how easy it would be to snap the throat.

Feminists blame men for all that is wrong in the world. They always manage to find new and creative ways to blame men for the things that men do and blame men for the things that men don't do and blame men for the things that women do and blame men for the things that women fail to do.

And, when they need to take a breather from blaming men all day, they like to talk about the million or so ways in which men are clearly inferior to women and how terrible it is that men believe themselves to be superior to women. They also write things like The Male Privilege Checklist in an attempt to justify why they are all incipient feminazis.

Consider feminism's motto:
"Comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable."
Does this speak to a well-put-together group of people? No! It sounds like utter batshit.


All feminists are a whiny bunch. This is because they all are members of a group known as feminazis. The feminazis are proud of their body and express their self-love by trying to get as fat as possible. The more flesh, the better. Feminazis hate men because they all, at one point or another, were almost raped.

Feminazis like to shave their heads and never shave the rest of their body, because they respect the work of the Goddess. They wear wife-beaters and combat boots and celebrate how beautiful life is when you realize the wonders of lesbian love.

Many feminazis become vegan hippies, cook and eat lots of cake, smoke pot, smell wonderfully hormonally full and sing crudely misandrist folk songs at your local open mic spot down the club.

See also: Lesbo-Fascist.

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