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Twinned with Tidworth, known as Fallingworth. Also known as EffingBee


The town of Fallingbostel is situated on the eastern edge of the Lüneburger Heide on the North German Plain between the towns of Soltau and Walsrode. Fallingbostel Station is located on the edge of the Bergen-Hohne NATO Training Area.

Fallingbostel is located just off the A7 Autobahn which runs between Hannover and Hamburg, near the junction ( autobahn dreieck) of the A27 Autobahn which leads to Bremen. Hannover is 70 km away, with Hamburg 85 km and Bremen 60 km. Being well connected to the autobahn system, Fallingbostel is about 1 hour from Hannover, Hamburg and Bremen airports and just under 2 hours from Lubeck (Lubeck/Hamburg) airport on the Baltic coast. The border with Denmark is a little over 3 hours drive from camp, as too is Berlin and the Dutch border.