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El Alamein

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The Allied victory at El Alamein lead to the retreat of the Afrika Korps and the German surrender in North Africa in May 1943. The Battle was the last chance for the allies to stop the Germans before they reached Cairo and the Suez Canal.

The Germans under Rommel had 110,000 men and 500 tanks and were also short of fuel. The Allies under Montgomery had more than 200,000 men and more than 1000 tanks. Between the two armies was the 'Devil's Garden'. This was a mine field laid by the Germans which was 5 miles wide and littered with a huge number of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines.

Montgomery used a convincing deception plan to make Rommel believe that the attack was coming from the South. Part of the plan was for the infantry to run through the minefield and attack while the engineers cleared paths for the tanks. Not an easy victory, but a pivotal point in the war and the path to the ultimate victory.