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Handy pages for your nirex folder:

Estimate / Orders

7Qs inserts for BG level This is not for Pl level, but for JOTAC / CAST

Ground and Tac briefs

HVM_Boy's 7 Questions (for Pl) inserts (2 column format)

Platoon Orders inserts

SPOTOCA card (Warning Order)

Aide memoire - combat estimate (small).doc

Aide memoire - combat estimate & Os.doc

Section Quick Battle Orders

The Pl Sgt in the advance and attack

Pl Comd QBOs

Pl Comd Advance to contact Aide Memoire

Pl Q4 effects schematic

Duties of a sentry / stag list

Range Card - Thanks to EX_STAB

Simple range card

Section Ammo and Cas card

Slimmed down Section Ammo / Cas card

Quality Warning Order

Extraction of orders schematic


Guide to the staff branches (G1-G9)

Route Card

Artillery ranges and effects

OPCOM(Mike)/OPCON(November)/TACOM(Mike)/TACON(November) handy reference

MEDEVAC 9 Liner (thanks to spaz)

[MEDEVAC 9 Liner and ATMIST report] (thanks to bridger_dave)

Antonyb's Handy A5 Patrol reports

[ Comprehensive list of effects]

Genfor Aide Memoire

Useful Principles

Appraisals / Tp Comd notebook

Tp/Pl Comd notebook

Gunner Tp notebook

[ Individual Activity Record]

Command Tasks

Command task evaluation criteria

Command Task first three things:

1) 'You' are the timekeeper

2) Give me two minutes (to the timekeeper) to come up with my plan.

3) Has anyone done this before? Who can tie knots/operate pulleys etc?

Model Kits

Some thoughts about your model kit: Model kit


Model labels for Rite in the Rain paper

Cleaning your nirex

How to clean it