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[[Category:ARRSE User]]
#REDIRECT [[Mr Creosote]]
Did a [[Darth_Doctrinus]] and changed his name and is now known as [[Mr_Creosote]].
Trememdously nice fellow from the Far North of Scotland. (Yes there is life north of the Highland Line.)
AKA Mildly fat geezer who used to wear a CPAP machine a lot. Likes to spread rumours about [[DozyBint]]'s alcoholism at every opportunity. He and [[Dui-Lai]] are probably the only guys on [[ARRSE]] not to have stretched [[Dale the Snail|Dale]]'s hoop.
[[Moderator]] of the [[ARRSEPedia]] Board with [[User:Ghostie|Ghost_Rider]]and the  ARRSE Social Board with [[Papa_Lazaroo]].
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