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The home of 9 Regiment AAC.

Dishforth is situated on the A1, two miles North of Boroughbridge (home of people with pointy heads). Harrogate is the nearest place with any totty as Ripon doesn't count due to the only females there looking like Will Carling. It was generally perceived to be a dull, characterless swamp until February 1992 when the fighting 664th returned from Minden to join 672 & 657 Squadrons.

Originally a war time Wellington base the original hangars still stand. These had to be de-birded and de-rodented prior to any shiny helicopters and DAFs being placed inside.

When 664 returned from Minden they thought they had joined a new Corps, a Corps without Bedfords and a new helicopter... not only a Lynx but a Mk 9 wheelybin!

At the time the squadron had a thoroughly good egg as Squadron Sergeant Major Sid Boore. Sid sadly passed on a few years ago and is still missed and talked about today.

Sadly in transit it is believed the Line Book and the Uckers board went missing. The Uckers board was quickly replaced for operational reasons but it's still unknown if the Line Book was ever found.

656 moved up from Netheravon shortly afterwards and were amalgmated with 672 Sqn. 672 reappeared some years later when 657 went to Odiham to do some sneaky beaky stuff with blaclavas and black masking tape.

The former CO of 9 Regiment was the very chap who retired when the Army decided that it was OK to bugger your pal on Army time. Quite right too!

Dishforth was the location that the first operational Apache units came from. After working their nuts off for four years including going to Afghanistan to blat camel-jockeys, it was decided to move 656 and 664 to Wattisham. In return Dishforth got 659 and 669, all their Lynx's and a load of moaning arrseholes who didn't want to move to Yorkshire.