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The introduction of the Demountable Rack Offloading Pickup System was a revolution in Transport and Logistics and is now the backbone of the army transport system. It enables loads to be packed or unpacked while they are detached from the vehicles, saving time, MHE and vehicle resorces. More can be transported by less vehicles and special loads can remain stored on their racks ready to be moved at a moments notice.

The DROPS Vehicles themselves are either:-

Layland DROPS Medium Mobility Load Carrier - The Standard Drops vehicle with cros-country ability.
Foden DROPS Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier - Improved cross-country ability and used mainly in support of artillery ammunition movements.

The DROPS contract is also implicated in the now routine British Military procurement mysteries. Back in the early 1980s when the DROPS concept was being trialled, the testing team of RA, RE and RCT officers showed a preference for the six wheeled Reynolds Boughton system due to is terrain crossing capability and simple design. The MOD on the other hand opted for two systems made by DAF and Foden even though the trials team had seleceted the Reynolds Boughton design. Still at least the resultant vehicles are better than the AEC Ten Tonner.