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The Island of Aphrodite herself.

Cyprus has always been a top posting (apart from the 70`s which saw civil unrest and a move away from the Commonwealth, oh and the invasion of the Turks). It offers a challenging work enviroment, a holiday atmosphere and an excellent Forces community spirit.

Due to the sudden rise in popularity of Cyprus (thanks to the club scene) there are a lot more restrictions placed upon soldiers which had started to relax after the Green Jackets took a Swede out for a bit of midnight digging.

The main attractions are Limassol and Ayia Napa but good times can also be had in Paphos and Larnaca. If you're willing to travel there is many a magic spot dotted around the Island with no Forces influence at all, enabling you to get away and large it with those holidaying nurses saying that you're an Apache Gunship pilot on a 72hr pass!

As for establishments you have the West and East sovereign base areas that house both Army and RAF units. The West covers Episkopi and Akrotiri and the east covers Dhekalia and Ay Nik.

The capital Nicosia or Lefkosa if you're a Turk is the base for UN operations.

Cyprus has an up and down relationship with British Forces but the majority will welcome you with open arms. Its a key place to get a duty free car and they will often let you run around in a Gizzit for a couple of weeks while you find your feet and set up finance before purchasing that fuck off Pajero you've always wanted.

Main brands of Booze are dear outside the NAAFI however local booze is cheap (as are smokes).

Things to try-

A Meze - A 100 course meal which lasts too long and you eat all sorts of shite, but you will love it anyway (apart from the little fish).

Kokinelli - A real locally produced wine/rust eater. The stuff in the shops is tame compared to the stuff you`ll get in out of town Kebab restaruants. Rumour has it that when tested it contained over 30 known poisons! Anyway it will get you wankered very fast and will in 99% of people end up with your head in a bucket!!

St. Panteleimon - Known as St Pandemonium as its a hand grenade in a bottle.

5 Kings Brandy - Cheap as chips but massive quality brandy- trust me your tongue will love you for it!

Cyprus, Its for winners!!

Also - try to get on the Keo brewery trip in Limmasol - always worth a few pints.