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'Cunt' is an ancient word, at least 2,000 years old deriving from the Proto-Indo-European 'cu', which is the root of the modern words 'cunt' ['female genitals'], 'queen' ['female monarch'], and 'cow' ['female animal']. It is also found in Latin, as 'cunnus', as in the Latin word 'Cunnilingus' [literally, 'cunt-licking'].

For a definitive history of the word, see: 'Cunt: A Cultural History', written by Matthew Hunt in 2000-2005.

These 'people' are also cunts.


However if you are a C.U.N.T it does not necessarily mean you are a cunt, but you may well be as the two are not mutually exclusive!!

The best Cunts known to date include:

Also popular as an ingredient in TLAs, such as TCB and TCH.

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