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Cultural liberals

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An absurd bunch of dessicated coconut counterculture activists, either young and stupid or fat and over forty (and stupid). Easily spotted, cultural-liberal types are fond of wibbling about 'Kulchur' and trolling people in the liberal press and on social media.

Anarchic Bastards

Allergic to socio-cultural norms and laws: culturally-liberal ('CultLib') mavericks typically follow the 1960s philosophy of 'peace and love; liberalism, equality and freedom'. Just so you know, they're the fucking batshit Hippies and New Age Travellers smoking shit and getting wrecked at festivals. Not quite the same thing as dullard Liberal Democrats or your Nick Clegg: CultLibs tend to be more your lawless, arrogant open borders types.

Cultural liberalism, the world's first godless faith, is as intolerant as fundamentalist Islam as it is of those who do not perceive the irrefutability it ascribes to its own tenets. The Irish Times.

All About CultLibs

Known as "the hypocritical privileged", this lot use international laws and human rights conventions as excuses for their lunatic victim mentality politics, mainly minoritarianism. Clever? Not really. Posing as relief workers and human rights advocates, CultLibs have destabilised communities and threatened the rule of law, more than any other movement since the Second World War. Nor are they as tolerant and liberal as they make out while "expressing prejudice against people who do not share their values" (Brandt, in Social Psychological and Personality Science (2013).


Sad and stateless lost orphan CultLibs inhabit classic timewarp Left Wing planets - aka twats on drugs, think Dylan on the Magic Roundabout during the 1960s and 1970s. Or they may be activist liberal-fascists (cunts on drugs); these pitiable individuals just need to belong somewhere.

Other CultLibs join secret open society common purpose cults, practicing weird cultural rituals, social engineering, and eugenics. They're cunts on drugs and deliberately fcuking up societies to suit their world view.

Confused? You will be, we told you these people were fcuking batshit.


Absurdity of 'cultural liberalism - The Irish Times.

Cultural liberalism on Wikipedia.