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Crown Colonies

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Various scattered territories that were very firmly under the imperialist ammo boot of the filthy British pigdogs. Have a pop, or try and invade one of these babies and there would very likely be a Dreadnought pounding your arse in to submission in a trice.

From vast tracts of the South African veldt to windswept rocks in the South Atlantic, each one was a part of Blighty and great pains were taken to replicate the motherland in the most unlikely of places.

The colonies were rebranded as BDTs and then as BOTs. These days there are just a dozen or so BOTs that we can call our own, and that's likely to diminish even further in the coming decades.

The below list is of territories that are, or have actually been Crown Colonies at some point in their evolution. It does not include protectorates or colonies that were subsequently absorbed in to the dominions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa.