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Crap Hat

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A derogatory and offensive term used to describe anyone not of the airborne brotherhood and thus having a crap (non-airborne) hat. However, merely being an attached arm in a Maroon Beret is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. If you've not done the course you are still a crap hat. The only non-airborne (to a degree) people who are NOT crap hats are the Gurkhas, Commandos and THEM - and even then there are those within the regiment who pour scorn on those from non-airborne units, regardless that they've passed selection. The French Foreign Legion uses a term referring to anyone who doesnt wear the Kepi Blanc are Casquette Merde, in other words the French Army.

The word 'craphat' is also used to describe the largely obsolete (apart from SF and the ATRs) DILAC Hat.