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One of those military words that has two nearly similar meanings:

  • A fighting formation comprised of several Divisions. At one time, and for about 40 years, 1 (BR) Corps was a formidable fighting force that really could do the 'war fighting' role justice. 4 Armoured Divisions ready to roll at a few hours notice.... ALL the time. Their peacetime locations were spread from the Dutch border, across Germany to the IGB. If 1 (BR) Corps was on an FTX you didn't have to see them, you could feel the ground move!

Unfortunately, recent UK Defence Policy means the largest manoeuvre force of the British Army will only be Division in size.

However it should be noted that the British Army does have the capability to field a manoeuvre Corps but does not see a future requirement for this; instead focusing on contributing to Joint Force Corps. E.g. NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps HQ which was formed from the remnants of 1 (BR) Corps.

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