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Currently the party in opposition to Her Maj's New Labour Government and filled with politicians desperately trying to look innocent - and let Gordon's bunch hang themselves with sleaze and incompetence (which they've had more than their fair share of).

Since the New Labour victory in 1997, the Tories have missed more opportunities to put the boot in than most people can care to remember. The open goal of opportunity has grown healthy with tumbleweed as a result of Tory ineffectiveness. They've also gone through four leaders in this time - the latest, David Cameron, notable for his uninspiring, non-confrontational (and therefore ultimately useless) style.

They also stood behind all the military action that Tone has (unilaterally) sent his armed forces off on, but are now regretting it (like an Arrser waking up in an unfamiliar bed after a massive bender). As a result, they are all rather dull and quiet.