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Confidential Report

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Something many of us never see!

Allegedly every soldier should have a CR written each year by their Troop/Platoon Commander with input from senior ranks who work with those soldiers. Each year you should see this magical report which has a character pen picture of what the soldier has achieved in the previous 12 months, as well as a list of qualifications achieved if any. Additionally it has a little tick box to say whether you are recommended for promotion. For the TA it also contains your Man Training Days to show whether you are a basic 19 day a year person, or someone who actually puts in some effort.

Each CR should be presented to you for signature to prove you have seen it - not to say if you agree with it. You can appeal via another process should you feel aggrieved that your Troop Commander has said they "know this soldier very well" when you have not even said hello in 5 years and don't know your name.

Classic case. Pte xxxxxxx has had an excellent year, and he has proven himself a very capable of carrying out his duties to an above average standard.

This soldier was hinted by their service number starting Wxxxxxxx

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