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Compo Sausage

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That man... one sausage only!

Like pizzas and omelettes, the humble compo sausage is nothing like it's civilian counterpart in either appearance or taste. It's doubtful if this goodly fayre contains any animal by-produce whatsoever. That said, it was, is and shall ever be the morning after lifesaver - albeit in singular form... or two, if you're very lucky.

Typically found in either field kitchens or in the mess/cookhouse, the compo sausage is usually encountered rolling around (all alone) on a flimsy paper plate accompanied by a dollop of powdered scrambled egg and baked beans. This can be perceived as either the breakfast of champions or a culinary insult. The result is the same: the shits by 10:30.

When cooked at a specific temperature, a peculiar phenomenon occurs: the sausage becomes impervious to repeated attempts at cutting with plastic cutlery. Bizarre.